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Strip Search

Sometimes a girl just has to be strip searched. Maybe she been caught shoplifting, maybe she's a smuggler, or maybe even she is a spy. Whatever the reason, the only way to find out what she is hiding is to strip search.

In the example shown here a diligent store detective finds a girl who has been shoplifting. She aprehends the suspect and brings her to the manager's office.

  A female shoplifter is caught red-handed.
Watch the security guard strip search her, removing all her clothes and leaving her completely naked.  

The manager searches the suspect's handbag and sure enough finds some stolen clothing. She says there is no choice but to strip search the suspect to see if they can find any more stolen goods.

And of course, we get to watch!

Coercion - StripSearch
Tricks - Restraint
- Fantasy

All models were 18 years or older at time of photography.
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